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born 1974 Jakarta. Editor. Visionary.

Rain Kencana was born in Jakarta Indonesia, a country in Southeast Asia with a population of 222 million people. Comprising 17,508 islands, it is the world's largest archipelagic state. Her Mother's grandparents who came originally from china migrated as traders to Indonesia in the first half of the 20th century.

So her family belong to the ethnic group of so called chinese indonesians. Her Father and her mother met one night at Kuta Beach Bali. He might be a journalist and surfer living in darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory, Australia with a population of 114,368.

An unnmarried mother and a little child living in indonesia with the worlds majority of muslim population was impossible to think of. She had to leave the country to look ahead. She migrated to Berlin, the capital city of Germany with a population of 3.4 million alone. Her two years old daughter remained in the hands of her friend and neighbor. She married a man who was willing to accept her daughter abroad. He was a hardworking factory employee who lost his parents in world war 2 and traveled with circus Bush as a clown and a technician for years.

At the age of four Rain was brought to Berlin to turn over a new leaf. The parents had to work hard so Rain was alone very often. Even as she couldn`t read she enjoyed to invent stories by the pictures of books. Her parents were very concerned about her school education. Her mother who is actually a buddhist convert to catholizism. So Rain enjoyed her college education at the famous private catholic school Canisius Kolleg where she got trained by padres and nuns. Rain can trace back to the fact that that period in school was the beginning of her general rejection against any kind of religion.

Later on she switched to a public school to escape conformity and bigotry.
After school she traveled a lot to experience other cultures and different ways of living. Somehow she always sticked to asia and its people.

She has a lot of work experiences in tv and media industry. Finally she decided by virtue of her passion to invent stories and to put the pieces together for studying montage at the german filmschool for digital production Hff Konrad-Wolf. She started her study in the year 2001. One year before she gave birth to the most beautiful child in the world with the name Pablo. Studying with a child wasn`t easy at all. But sticking to the device easyness is boring she graduated college as degreed cutter with distinction.
Since then and even while studying she edited dozens of music videos realising that she has other goals, other stories to invent.

More and more she merges her passion for editing, inventing stories and painting. In 2006 she released her first long feature documentary „Full Of Fire“, a film which topic about dance is close to her heart.

Bit by bit she came to the conclusion that she also wants to direct films although she loves the work as an editor deeply. She needs both forms of expression to stay balanced. Currently Rain wrights a screenplay for a long feature with the titel „Hans in luck“.